Recently married? Thinking about hyphenating or taking his/her last name? This information will help you change your name in the State of California

Many of your state and U.S. government name change forms must be filed with a certified marriage record as legal proof of your marriage. Your certified marriage record can also be used as proof of marriage for insurance purposes. It is suggested that you obtain 2-3 certified marriage licenses.

See Certified Marriage Records on how to obtain copies of your certified marriage record.

Once you have a certified copy of your marriage record, you can start the process of changing your name. Start with Social Security (Some government agencies match your name against your social security information.) Once you receive your new social security card continue with the other services.

Social Security– This can be mailed and there is no charge
California Driver’s License – Must be done in-person (make an appointment)
U.S. Passport – This can be mailed. (Always include your current Passport. It will be mailed back)
U.S. Postal Service (Change of Address)
IRS (Change of Address)
Vehicle Title and Registration
Voter Registration