The Affirmation of Community is where family and friends can voice their support.

Affirmation of the Community 1

Ladies & Gentlemen, BRIDE and GROOM have demonstrated in your presence today, their belief in their love, and their desire to live together In marriage.

If you also believe in their love and you wish to add your blessing to their marriage today, please respond now by saying, “we do.”

If so, say, “We do.”

Affirmation of the Community 2

Every person present here represents an opportunity for love and support of this newly married couple. You each carry an obligation to be an advocate for their relationship.

Now that you have heard BRIDE and GROOM exchange their vows, do you, their family and friends, promise to encourage and support them in creating a strong and vital marriage?

If so, say, “We do.”

Affirmation of the Community 3

The union of BRIDE and GROOM has joined us together because we are each reflected in it. A new family has been created in our community, and we have come here today to welcome them and celebrate their new relationship.

Do you, who are the family and friends of this couple, affirm your continuing support of and love for BRIDE and GROOM as they stand poised on the threshold of their new life together?

If so, say, “We do.”

Affirmation of the Community 4

Family and Friends, now that you have heard _BRIDE and GROOM recite their vows, do you, their family and friends, promise, from this day forward, to encourage them and love them, to give them your guidance, and to support them in being steadfast in the promises that they have made?

If yes, say, “We do.”

Affirmation of the Community 5

Will you, their parents, families, and friends who have gathered with them, grant them your blessings and pledge them your love and acceptance?

If so, please say “We will.”

Having now given freely the voice of your desire to be united in marriage, your families and friends have given their acceptance and approval.

I am going to ask you to express your vows to each other.

Affirmation of the Community 6

Family and friends, the marriage of BRIDE and GROOM unites two families and creates a new family.

Will you who are gathered here today bless and support their marriage?

If so, please answer “We will.”

Affirmation of the Community 7

Friends and family, you occupy an important place in this couple’s lives. It is in your company that these two have learned the lessons of friendship, of the tremendous act of giving one’s love to another, and they ask your blessing as well over their marriage.

Now that their life is entering a new phase, your role will be different, but not diminished.

And so on this, their wedding day, BRIDE and GROOM ask you to remain steadfast, reaching out to them in times of trouble, helping them to celebrate their achievements and their joys.

Wherever your own destiny may carry you, we ask that you continue to include them in your lives.

If so, please answer “We will.”

Affirmation of the Community 8

Two people in love do not live in isolation.

Their love is a source of strength with which they may nourish not only each other but also the world around them.

And in turn, we, their community of friends and family, have a responsibility to this couple. By our steadfast care, respect, and love, we can support their marriage and the new family they are creating today.

Will you who are present here today, surround BRIDE and GROOM in love, offering them the joys of your friendship, and supporting them in their marriage?

If so, please say “We will.”